AEF’s Board of Directors share an immense love for the arts. The board aspires to a highly apolitical, fresh, and efficient approach in project coordination. This has fueled all of the highcaliber art presentations that New York audiences have witnessed since 2006.

Board of Directors Effective January 4, 2019

Executive Board

Angelo Lampousis, President
Sotiris Biziouras, Vice President
Cynthia Herzegovitch, Treasurer
Maria Dikeakos, Secretary

Honorary Board Members and Stakeholders

Rev. Fr Nicholas Anctil
Marios Damianides
John Daskos
Thomas Dushas
Arthur Kentros
Nicholas P. Kyriakos
Vicki Kyriakos
Nicholas A. Lyras
Zachary Marantis 
Joseph Poulous

Executive Director

Nektarios Antoniou

Legal Status
The Axion Estin Foundation (AEF), Inc. AEF was incorporated in November 2005 pursuant to the Not-for-Profits Corporation Law of the State of New York.